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exom - Extensible Object Model

The exom SDK provide powerful framework for RAD ( Rapid Application Development) using C++. The base of this framework is the integrated Object Model. This Object Model provide the possibility to create (via CodeGenerator) and manage hierarchical structured data and offer a set of standard functionalities. Some of these functionalities are:

  • Navigation in object hierarchy
  • Edit atomic data like strings, integers, ...
  • Execute object commands like Cut, Copy, Paste, ...
  • Search in object hierarchy
  • Optional Application / Document Model
  • Support User Interface independent application. So one application code run in different User Interface environments like  CLI (console) and GUI ( Graphical User Interface)
  • Persistence via fast validating XML Parser (stream based)

To get a small impression about these features the following screen shots show the GUI and the console version of the same application presenting some of the previous mentioned features. Both applications were completely generated by the CodeGenerator, which is part of the exom SDK:


Realeased first Beta of exom siteministrator

Released exom SDK 1.1.0

Released exom SDK 1.0.3

Released exom SDK 1.0.2

Released exom SDK 1.0.1

The Object Model is labeled "Extensible", because of its ability to add new extensions like the features described before without changing the implementation of the object model.

To ensure the independence from the User interface the typical architecture of a exom based application is strictly divided into two parts:

  • The application library, containing the application logic.
  • The UI application code (GUI, Console) using the application library.

Using the described architecture and the standard functionalities this framework enhance you to create tools and applications very fast. Furthoremore the application code keep independent from the chosen system.
More features about the SDK in Section exom SDK.

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