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exom Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CXmActionItemHold a path and optional parameters used for actions
CXmActionItemsContainer of items of type CXmActionItem attached to an integer id
CXmFindDlgSearch dialog for user interface, which also perform the search
CXmFindHandlerSupply a complete search process using a dialog and providing the search results
CXmFindNotifierInterface to notify starting or finishing a search stage of CXmFindHandler
CXmImageListAn image list contain a set of icons having the same size
CXmImageMapA map used by CXmImageList::AddBitmapRes() to index icons within an image list
CXmImageMapSeqA map providing the ascending indices starting from the specified id
CXmImageMapTblA map providing the indices from a given array
CXmListCtrlA switchable tree/list control displaying objects in multiple columns
CXmNavigationViewProvide the "standard" view for a exom based GUI application
CXmNavResultConnect a object list to a list control and allow forward and backward navigation between the items
CXmPageContPage container hold different dialogs and control showing one of them
CXmPropertiesCtrlControl, which show the properties of an object
CXmUIDialogImplement a GUI dialog, which support the connection between win32 controls and their assigned application data
CXmWin32NamespaceThe namespace containing the IDs intended for the module exomWin32
TXmListTemplate to create a list based type safe container for classes or simple data types
TXmListIterAllIterator template used to iterate within all elements within a TXmList container
TXmListIteratorIterator template used to iterate through the elements within a TXmList container
TXmObjectListList based container with XmArray interface managing references to classes of type C derived from XmObject
TXmObjectListBoxItem class used within the container template TXmObjectList holding the index and the reference to an instance of specfied item type
TXmObjectListIteratorIterator template used to iterate through the elements within a TXmObjectList container
TXmObjectListObjectTemplate with XmObject interface and all capabilities of TXmObjectList
TXmObjectVectorContainer template with XmArray interface for managing items of the specified class derived from XmObject
TXmObjectVectorObjectTemplate with XmObject interface and all capabilities of TXmObjectVector
TXmVectorTemplate to create a vector based type safe container for classes or simple data types
XmActionCxContext class used in XmObject::OnAction() for handling user actions
XmAppendCxContext class for appending items to a container derived from XmArray
XmApplicationIs used as application singleton, when using the exom application/document model
XmApplicationExtApplication extension to handle application specific needs of multiple exom based libraries (modules)
XmArrayInterface class, which supply container functionality for objects in the exom Object Model
XmArrayPropContain general array properties, describing the behaviour of a XmArray container
XmAtmIDID class to identify member data, so-called atoms
XmAtomUsed to encapsulate native atomic data (int, bool, float,...)
XmAtomHandlerThis class support the conversion between different formats of atomic data
XmAtomPropProvide information about the currently handled atom in XmMan::manAtmCallback()
XmClipboardContain general clipboard functions
XmClipboardDataProvide the possibility to retrieve the data within the clipboard via an in stream
XmCmdlineImplement a user interface dialog for command line based interfaces
XmCriticalSectionEnsure the access to a resource by only one thread at a time
XmDataAbstract class to handle different atomic data formats in the same way
XmDataAtomThis class provide a XmData interface for native atomic data
XmDataBytesThis class provide a XmData interface for atomic data stored in byte arrays
XmDataStringThis class provide a XmData interface for atomic data stored in strings
XmDateTimeThis class supply a human readable Date/Time format and allow convertions between different Date/Time formats
XmDialogApplication specific representation of a dialog as counterpart to XmUIDialog
XmDocumentClass is used as a document, when using the exom application/document model
XmDocumentLoaderContext class used in XmApplication::OnReadDocument() to handle the reading of documents
XmDynObjectInterface class for dynamic object generation
XmEnumListContainer class used for representing enumerations in user interface
XmFcnIDID class to identify member functions
XmFcnParamsSmall container class for optional parameters used for member functions
XmFileFilterContainer for none, one or more file filters of class XmFileFilterItem
XmFileFilterItemDefine a file filter and associate a native description to it
XmIDBase class to identify objects, member data and functions
XmIOConditionGeneral format settings for input and output
XmLockPure virtual class providing the basic interface for synchronization needs
XmManContext class used in XmObject::manage() to connect member data and objects
XmManContainerSupport the generation of a object list, which are contained within a superior object
XmManContainerCxContext class used to create a list of objects contained within a superior object
XmManFcnContext class used in XmObject::manageFcn() to provide functions for user interface
XmManPropertiesSupport the creation of a properties and function list for an object
XmManPropertiesCxContext class used to generate a list of properties and functions of an object
XmManSearchSupport the search for an object or member identified by a given path
XmManSearchCxContext class to search an object or member identified by a path
XmManSeriReadContext class used via XmObject::GetSeriExt() for deserialization
XmManSeriReadXmlSupport reading data in XML format from a stream to an object
XmManSeriWriteContext class to write the data of an object to a stream
XmManSeriWriteXmlSupport writing data from an object to a stream in XML format
XmManTextFindSupport searching a text within an object hierarchy
XmMemberExtCxContext class used for XmObject::MemberExt() to enable extended member functionality
XmMemberPropContain the state of member data of functions, during calculation
XmMemberStateContext to calculate the member state of member data or functions
XmMemberStateCxContext class used in XmObject::MemberState() to set the appearance of object members
XmModuleInfoContain a list of different language depending strings especially used for ID's
XmNamespaceA namespace contain all ID's (XmID) used for a library or application
XmNamespaceInstNamespace for identifieres used in the exom core
XmNamespaceManXmNamespaceMan is used to register all used namespaces
XmNoLockEmpty implementation for the synchronization class XmLock
XmObjectBase class for the Object Model of the exom framework to support various features
XmObjectFilterUsed to filter objects in XmMan derived classes
XmObjectIDXmObjectID give the possibility to compare object or member ID's in a generic way
XmObjectListList based container with XmArray interface managing references to classes derived from XmObject
XmObjectListBoxItem class used within the container XmObjectList holding the index and the reference to an instance of XmObject
XmObjectListIteratorIterator used to iterate through the elements within a XmObjectList container
XmObjectPropProvide information about the currently handled object in XmMan::manObjCallback()
XmObjIDID class to identify objects (see XmObject::ObjectID())
XmObjLookCxContext used in XmObject::ObjLook() to set the appearance and behaviour of an object
XmObjSetCxContext class used in XmObject::ObjSet to enable differnet exom features for an object
XmParamAccessProvide access to parameters delivered along with user interface functions
XmPathInstances of this class are used to identify objects, member data and functions
XmPathAppCreate a path, which is relative to the exom application singleton (XmApplication)
XmPathDocCreate a path, which is relative to the given document
XmPathDocBaseCreate a path, which is relative to the given document base (XmDocument::DocBase())
XmPathInfoSupply simple access to a path used in some context classes
XmPathItemItem within the enclosing container XmPath
XmPathNavigatorInterface which execute the navigation to a specified path
XmPathObjCreate a path, which is relative to the given object
XmPathPrsHelper context class to determine a XmPath from a given string
XmPathRefCreate a path, which is relative to the referenced path
XmPathRootCreate a path, which is relative to the exom root
XmPlaceholderTextPlaceholder text is used for flexibel handling of multilingual strings in comination with application specific arguments
XmPrsStreamClass with basic functionality for parsing text encapsulated by a XmStreamIn
XmPrsStreamErrorHold additional error information related to parsing from streams
XmReadAtomCxContext class, which provide information about the current data to be loaded
XmReferenceListContainer for paths to objects or object members and additional data
XmSelectFileSupport selecting a file via a dialog, which will mostly be used for load or save needs
XmSelectFileOptDifferent options for file selection - used in XmSelectFile
XmSeriExtInterface to handle read actions dedicated to objects via XmObject::GetSeriExt()
XmSingleLockHelper class used to simplify implementation of XmLock::lock() and XmLock::unlock() sequences
XmStreamInInterface class, which encapsulate the reading from streams
XmStreamInFileSupport reading from a file via the XmStreamIn interface
XmStreamInMemSupport reading from a given string or memory block via the XmStreamIn interface
XmStreamOutInterface class, which encapsulate the writing to streams
XmStreamOutAByteSupport writing to a byte array via the XmStreamOut interface
XmStreamOutFileSupport writing to a file via the XmStreamOut interface
XmStreamOutNullSupport using a XmStreamOut without any stream destination
XmStreamOutStringSupport writing to a string via the XmStreamOut interface
XmStringString class especially used within the exom framework
XmStrTblSmall utility class to support multilingual strings
XmThreadLocalsStore local thread data, which can be accessed global within the thread
XmTime32Represent a date/time value, using a 32 bit integer
XmUIDialogBase class for platform specific implementations of a dialog as counterpart of a XmDialog
XmUserRequestSupport handling simple user questions like: yes, no, ok, cancel

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