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XmManFcn Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for XmManFcn:

XmManPropertiesCx XmManSearchCx XmManProperties XmManSearch List of all members.

Detailed Description

Context class used in XmObject::manageFcn() to provide functions for user interface.

Classes derived from XmObject provide the possibility to show and execute functions in user interface. The creation of this list of functions have to be done be calling the member functions of this class.

Public Member Functions

void manFcn (XMFCN fcn, int admit=MAN_ATOM)
 Insert a function for an object in user interface.
void manCreate (XMFCN fcn, XMOBJ id)
 Insert a function which provide the possibility to create objects.
void manPath (const XmPath &p, int admit=MAN_ATOM)
 To provide a function which is not member of calling object.
void manSeparator ()
 Insert a seperator for clarity.
void PushMenu (const XmString &txt)
 Push following functions in a (GUI) sub menu.
void PopMenu ()
 Finish a (GUI) sub menu.

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