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XmUIDialog Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for XmUIDialog:

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Detailed Description

Base class for platform specific implementations of a dialog as counterpart of a XmDialog.

The class XmUIDialog is the counterpart of the class XmDialog. This class can be used to customize the behavior and appearance of a dialog. Normally a default instance of a XmUIDialog will be created. In Cb_CreateUIDlg() the application developer has the possibility to create a specialized version of a XmUIDialog. Since every platform has its own implementation of Cb_CreateUIDlg(), different independent derivations of XmUIDialog can be created for different user interfaces.

More information in section Dialog handling.

Public Member Functions

XmDialogDlgCx () const
 Return the reference to the application specific part of a dialog.
void SetDialog (XmDialog &dlg)
 Return the refering application specific dialog.

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