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Application / Document Model

The Application / Document Model provide typical features of file base applications. These features are usually placed within the file menu of an application. The model support the following typical standard functions:
  • Open document
  • Save document
  • New document
  • Close document
  • Exit application
  • Usage of application settings file

The Model also provide a single or a multiple document interface. The SDI allow only one simultaneous open docuemnt - the MDI multiple simultaneous open documents. The interface type have to be set, when creation the application singleton. Each document will be represented by an instance of exom::XmDocument. All documents are managed by the exom::XmApplication singleton accessible with exom::GetApp().

The Application / Document Model is optional. When using it, it have to be activated by exom::XmApplication::InitApp(). An application settings file will be used, when specifying a file name. It will be loaded at startup and saved at shutdown of the application.

Multiple document types

The Model also support the handling of different document types within one application. To simplify the integration of multiple exom based libraries the framework provide exom::XmApplicationExt. Each library has one instance of this class, which handle all documents available in the library.

To simplify the usage of document files in the user interface, it is possible to specify a file extension filter, file descriptions and an initial directory. The settings will be used within the applications "Open" and "Save" Dialog of the user interface. By default documents will be saved and opened with the extension *.xml. These settings can be modified with exom::XmApplication::m_FileOptions.

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