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The exom code generator

The exom code generator is part of the exom SDK and designated to create class hierarchies using the exom framework. The class hierarchy can be build and verified within the user interface. When exporting a class hierarchy one library and three executable projects will be created in the specified directory. These projects are located in the following directories:
  • library - contain the class hierarchy
  • ATL - The ATL project with default dialogs using the WTL library.
  • Win32 - A small GUI application using Win32 only.
  • Console - The console version of the application.

The exported projects support the Application / Document Model to be directly usable. A class hierarchy will be build by creating classes and inserting attributes, functions and subobjects to it. The main features of the code generator are:

  • Create new classes
  • Enable the array property for a class. The exported array support polymorphism for its items and an item base class can be specified.
  • Use derivation by specifying a base class.
  • Define a class as 'document base' to enable instances of this class featured by the Application / Document Model.
  • Insert attributes with the specified type and default value.
  • Insert new or predefined standard functions.
  • Define enumerations including the enumeration items.

Ensure that your project contain no errors before exporting it by executing 'Verify Project'. The following screenshot show the typical appearance of the exom code generator, which has opened the sample project AddressDB.exom.


Screenshot: exom code generator

The codegenerator itself is based on the exom framework. The GUI uses the exom Add-On exomWin32. The GUI features of projects created by the code genertor, will be similar to the GUI of the code generator. These features are:
  • Switchable tree/list view on left side.
  • Switchable properties/page view on the right side.
  • Search result list on the bottom, which allow direct navigation to the selected row. (view can be hidden)
  • Standard menu and toolbar commands used for application, document, view and selection handling.

The following screenshot show the same project using the list mode of the tree/list view and added some property columns to the tree/list view. Futher more the properties/page view is switched to the properties mode. These features are also supported by projects exported with the code generator.


Screenshot 2: exom code generator

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