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Simple data types

Simple data types in the exom framework are atomic data. They are be used within objects to store real data. The exom framework support all C++ build in data types like:
  • signed integer (8, 16, 32 bit)
  • unsigned integer (8, 16, 32 bit)
  • floating point (float, double)
  • boolean
  • enumerations
  • C-strings

Additional zu these types the exom framework provide the following types, which are not C++ build in types:

It is also possible to introduce your own simple data types, which can completely be managed by the exom framework. Therefore you have to extend the default exom::XmAtomHandler (e.g. for integer vectors or big integer numbers).

All these data types can be used as members within an exom::XmObject derived class. They will be attached to their parent class by the designated man...() function, provided by exom::XmMan. The connection have to be done by overwriting exom::XmObject::manage() as described at section Atomic data.

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