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About the exom framework SDK.

The exom SDK is a Software Development Kit  providing a framework for Rapid Application Development using C++. The integrated Object Model provides a comprehensive range of accessories. The main features of the exom framework were already described in the intro section.

Following sub sections explain the features and functionality in more detail.

The section Object Model show the design goals of the framework and gives a short example about  the usage of the Object Model within an application.

The abstraction from the user interface is described in the section User interface independence. It shows a small sample application compiled for using by Console and by a GUI.

The section GUI Controls for Win32 explain the features of the exom GUI-Add-On exomWin32. This Add-On is used to write applications with a graphical user interface using the common controls of Win32.

The usage and features of the exom Code Generator are explained in a separate section. It describes how to to create classes and export instantly usable applications. The code generator is also part of the SDK.

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