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2006-10-01 Release first Beta version exom - siteministrator. This application is intended to be a reference application using the exom SDK
2006-09-20 Release of exom SDK 1.1.0 introducing a standard search dialog; The Add-On exomWin32 now supports localized reource dlls.
2006-07-17 Release of exom SDK 1.0.3 with small fixes and new features in modules exom and exomWin32. More in Section Download > Release Notes.
2006-05-20 Release of exom SDK 1.0.2 with small fixes and new features.
2006-03-01 Release of exom SDK 1.0.1 with some bugfixes and new features.
2006-01-08 Launched website www.exomware.com.  Offer downloads of the SDK for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (8.0)
2006-01-01 The official release of the exom SDK and the website www.exomware.com will be soon. The SDK is compatible to the platforms Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003. The supported environments are Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (8.0). 

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